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Is Your B2B Web Design Effective - Here’s How to Tell

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

3 people working as a team on their web design

B2B Web Design Done Right

As world gets more digitized and people are able to access the internet on the go, website design and ease of interface has become the door to the soul of any business . As per studies conducted, the majority of customers research online for companies that can provide total solutions to their problems. So, by the time customer contacts any business for solutions, they have already researched quite a bit online.

Having a solid website design, which allows existing customers and prospects to sift through webpages, and look for solutions has a huge impact on the companies image.

B2B Website Is A Marketing Tool

A website today is the first contact between your business and the customer. It is a well known fact globally that first impression is the last impression. However, when it comes to the B2B segment, your webpage is not a simple know-how about your company. It is a key marketing asset which can attract higher number of customers by creating more leads and enquiries.

When businesses engage with each other in a customer-vendor scenario, the entire ball games changes as compared to business to consumer (B2C) setup. This is simply due to the fact that purchase ticket size is usually huge in B2B scenarios. Also, because the customer is looking for a specific solution to his unique problem.

To ensure that they are doing a thorough job at their end, B2B customers always undertake online research. The research takes them to several webpages where they are looking for solutions to their problems. This is where having a solid webpage design gives your business an edge over someone who does not have a great design.

Criteria To Understand Your Webpage Design

There are several criteria that will help you understand and evaluate your B2B webpage. However, there are top six criteria which are a must for any B2B site that is trying to creating a forceful impact via the webpage design.

Following are the top criteria for a good B2B webpage design:

  • Lasting Impression On First Visit- We are aware that basic human psychology tells us that humans carry their first impression for a long time. In fact, in many cases first impressions tends to be the last one! Your website design decides and dictates the very first impression customers get about your business / brand. This happens because customers surf online from one webpage to another looking for solutions, and in the process have gained enough knowledge to differentiate between the websites. A well designed webpage should be informative, focused and uncluttered. It helps business to be able to sell their image better than any other form of digital marketing.

  • Higher Rate Of Call-To-Action- In B2B segment, it is important to leverage your website as a source to generate enquiries and leads. How well your webpage is designed for customers to connect with your company is extremely important. Your webpage design should highlight your CTA (call-to-action) very clearly for customers. A study conducted by Hubspot showed that making changes to the CTA design on webpage can lead to almost 21% jump in conversion rate. It should also have secondary CTAs, such as, case studies, customer referrals, and onsite demonstration options well highlighted.

More Criteria for Effective Web Design

  • Assists In Building Companies Image- A well designed webpage gives the first time prospect or existing customers a certain level of confidence. It is this very first visit confidence at the customers end that helps your company gain mindshare with them. A research conducted by Stanford’s Web Credibility, states that almost 75% of customers decide on companies credibility on the basis of their webpage design. A formidable webpage design is usually simple, clean, focused and without unwanted decorations.

  • Device Agnostic- Any well designed website must be accessible from any device and anywhere. If customer or prospects cannot access a webpage from their mobile devices then that creates a negative impression. A well designed webpage should be accessible even on 4G networks. Typical problem for a badly designed website is that it takes long time to download. Given that the attention span for people has gone down considerably, it is important to ensure that your webpage is light and easily downloadable (caching webpages is one way to achieve it). Also, a well designed website is optimised for all viewing purposes.

  • End User Experience- The primary goal for any B2B website is to help educate prospects and existing customers. A well designed webpage should ensure following 1) Have limited and focused content without bells and whistles 2) A good solid structure allowing user to navigate without effort. To ensure these goals are achieved for your website, marketing teams have to closely engage with the web designers. End user also means that the website should be designed with appealing visuals and meaning data content.

  • Secure Website- With a multifold increase in data flowing across servers, it is imperative to ensure that your website is not only well designed but also not designed to store customer data. A well designed webpage will not capture unwanted customer information. If your business does have a need to store visitors data, then it should take the necessary consent prior to storing any data. Having a webpage take customer consent prior to capturing data, tells the visitor that the company follows ethical practices.


It is not hard for B2B customers to tell the difference between well designed webpage from a badly designed webpage. B2B customer do not give a second chance in most cases, the first impression that they take with them is the final impression. Designing a good website is not rocket science. However, a good website design required participation from various teams such as sales, marketing and logistics to work in tandem with the design team. It is the partnership between different teams that leads to a well designed website.

Also, it is important to note that B2B companies should outsource webpage design to experts and focus on their core business. Companies like CodeMasters Agency have all rounded experience in digital marketing and can be a long term partner to assist your business to increase customer engagements.



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