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Win a Custom-Built Website for Your Cause!

This is your chance to get a custom-built website in your chosen field! We're collecting email addresses from those interested, and one lucky individual or organization will be chosen to receive a free, professionally-designed website built specifically for them.

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Four Reasons to Enter Our Website Giveaway!

Empowering Your Cause

Our goal is to empower non-profit charities in Canada like yours to make a greater impact in your community and beyond. With a custom-built website, you'll have a powerful platform to showcase your organization's initiatives, raise awareness about your cause, and engage with supporters and potential donors like never before.

Seamless User Experience:

Your new website will be designed with user experience at the forefront. We'll create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that ensures visitors can easily navigate through the website, access essential information about your programs and events, and learn about the incredible work you do to make a positive difference in people's lives.

Wix Platform Advantage

Your website will be built using the Wix platform, a leading website builder known for its versatility and simplicity. Wix offers a range of customizable templates and features that allow us to tailor the website according to your organization's unique needs, without the complexity of coding or technical expertise.

Cost-Free Solution

As part of our commitment to supporting non-profit charities, we will cover the monthly subscription cost for your Wix website for a specified period. This means you can focus on your mission without worrying about ongoing website expenses. Your website will be fully functional and ready to use as soon as it's launched.

Process to Win

Follow these steps for a chance to win a custom-designed and developed website for your organization

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Step 6: Website Development and Launch

We will build and develop your custom website using the Wix platform. The website will be designed to be user-friendly, engaging, and informative. Once complete, we will launch the website under a domain name of your choice, subject to availability and Wix's terms of service.

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Step 2: Enter the Giveaway

Visit our giveaway landing page and complete the designated entry form. Provide accurate and up-to-date information about your non-profit organization, including your organization's name, contact details, website (if applicable), and a brief description of your mission and impactful work.

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Step 3: Share Your Story

Tell us about the inspiring work your non-profit charity is doing in your chosen sector. Describe how a professionally designed and developed website could help your organization achieve its goals and expand its outreach.

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Step 4: Review and Selection:

After the entry period closes, our team will carefully review all eligible entries. The winner will be selected at random from the pool of eligible non-profit charities that meet the specified criteria.


Step 5: Winner Notification

If your non-profit organization is selected as the winner, we will notify you via the contact information provided in your entry form. You will have a specified period to respond to our notification and confirm your acceptance of the prize.


Step 1: Check Eligibility

Ensure that your non-profit charity is officially registered and operating within Canada. Additionally, confirm that your organization falls within the sectors of Education, Food Security, or Health, as specified in the terms and conditions.

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