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5 Reasons Why You Should be Using LinkedIn Ads

Updated: Oct 19, 2023


LinkedIn Ads

Advertising is one of the most effective ways to attract new clients, and online advertisements can be even more effective than traditional advertising. When it comes to creating an ad online, there are many different platforms to choose from, but a platform for creating effective ads would be LinkedIn. LinkedIn Ads is a beneficial place to craft an ad, and this is not only because of the offerings provided by LinkedIn, but because it is the largest professional online social network, providing the opportunity to market to over 600 million people. Further, the impressions are even greater as a result of users maintaining a LinkedIn presence to stay connected within a professional network. In addition, people cannot resist clicking on an advertisement that is specifically tailored to their personal preferences.

LinkedIn Ads contain a multitude of detail when it comes to creating an ad, providing you the opportunity to capitalize on advertising to a target audience specific to your company. There are many benefits to using LinkedIn Ads, such as:

1- Unique Advanced Audience Targeting

LinkedIn allows for increasingly accurate audience matching through first-party data collection which is derived from self-reported account information. When creating an ad, LinkedIn provides advanced targeting to be able to accurately narrow the audience of your ad. Specific targeting offers the ability to narrow your audience through demographics, including job function, title and seniority, company name, and industry. You also have the ability to use audience data and targeting that is interest based, with some characteristics including: degree, skills, or professional interests. You can even upload your own contact list. The ability to include and exclude characteristics to specifically match the target audience for your ad becomes a simpler process due to the enhanced narrowing audience ability, and especially if you have high value targets.

2- Ideal B2B Marketing Environment

B2B businesses can thrive using LinkedIn Ads, and this is simply because of the fact that more people will be interested in what you have to say. When a user is on LinkedIn and they see an ad that seems to be specifically tailored to them, the CTR is generally going to be significantly higher due to the fact that they came to LinkedIn specifically to investigate something to do with their career or professional network.

3- You Control the Budget

On LinkedIn Campaign Manager, you have the power to be able to control your budget. As you monitor the performance of your campaign, you can maintain an active role as you remain able to change your budget or bids in accordance with the success of your ad. LinkedIn has a set daily budget of $10, or $2 if you use a CPC strategy for auction-based bidding. Retaining control of your budget allows for you to change what is not working and redefine your budget and/or bidding strategies.

4- Connect Through Various Ad Types

LinkedIn offers a variety of ad types to select from, offering a surplus of creative opportunities. Ad types include sponsored content, text ads, video ads, dynamic ads, carousel ads, and more. Each of these ad types differ from the other, with each offering their own benefits. You can select an ad type in accordance with the purpose of your ad, whether you want it to be organic, more, or less personal, or if you want it to be more visual. Sponsored InMail and Message Ads permit you to be able to send personalized messages to those in your target audience and deliver it directly to their LinkedIn inbox. Personalized messages can generate a high conversion rate as people are more likely to show interest if the message is specific to them.

5- Retargeting Capabilities

LinkedIn offers the option to be able to retarget following an interaction with your ad. Retargeting allows for you to attempt to re-impact your audience, whether it be through contacts, accounts, events, or lead generation forms. LinkedIn can generate audiences similar to your pre-existing one or perhaps one that you have uploaded, to further your expand your audience. Lead generation forms take a step away for the user, thereby simplifying the process. Should you offer service or an event, you can provide a form requesting basic information within your ad, reducing clicks for the user. Users are more likely to fill out a contact form if they can remain on the current page and not have to go to a different website.

LinkedIn Ad Strategy

LinkedIn is a very effective website for advertising. Maintaining control of the settings and information of your campaign allows for increased management, thus being able to produce a more effective ad. You remain able to continue to make changes to your campaign even after it launches, being able to alter your target audience, budget, ad type, and more. Being able to manage the campaign and make these changes allows for you to be able to measure the success of your campaign based on what is and what is not working. Making changes according to the statistics of the campaign can save time and money, but most importantly will allow for you to generate quality leads. Despite not being a large social platform, the specificity and creative ad options for targeting and retargeting allow for you to be able to generate a successful LinkedIn Ad. Creating an ad for the first time is not always simple, and can result in a lot of experimentation. For effective LinkedIn Ads, CodeMasters can help. We can create campaigns specific to your target audience, generating a high CTR and conversion rate. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today!


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