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What's New in Social Media? Updated January 2023

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

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The importance of Social Media Marketing is greater than ever with so much competition pouring in each day. This is why we, at CodeMasters Inc, wanted to highlight the new and trendy updates across social media platforms so you can have a successful start to the new year!

Write a Note to your close friends… on Instagram

Instagram added a “notes” feature, allowing users to share a 60-character message with their ‘close friends’ list

Twitter is a new Space

Twitter relaunched the Twitter Blue Program, which is a paid subscription, allowing users to edit tweets and get an ‘official’ checkmark next to their username setting them higher in the algorithms. (Credit: Content Stadium) Twitter also added the ‘view count’ feature which enables users to see how many people a tweet has reached.

Do Facebook Marketing right!

Facebook marketing is shifting its platform to prioritize video more and more. The 9:16 format and reels should be the next thing your marketing team dives into.

Tik Tok is in the lead

In the hierarchy of most downloaded apps, Tik Tok secured a spot at the top once again with apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger following behind.

While Tik Tok remains at the top of their game, it isn’t stopping them from coming up with new features. Tik Tok has, now, introduced longer length video flexibility to its users and is testing out a landscape mode to provide more options to its creators (and watchers!)

The latest on LinkedIn

LinkedIn introduced new features for retargeting ads on the platform which helps “retarget anyone who has interacted with a single-image sponsored content ad, as well as those who watch at least 25% of a video ad, those who visit your company page, and several others” (Jenkins, 2023).

Another pro tip, based on research done across several major countries, use a mix of personal text and images for your LinkedIn posts. The audience on LinkedIn is increasingly outgrowing long, formal and video-format posts.

It’s not necessary to use all the platforms for your business, in fact, I would advise you NOT to do that! Instead, focus your attention on the one or few platforms you can find your clientele on and mix things up. Use the new features to gain more attention on the web and use that attention to share your skills. (and make money lol)

With millions of new posts being shared every day, staying updated with the latest trends, tools and features can help your business stand out. People do not want to see the same old formal business-model for your next big sale, instead, get personal! Be transparent! Whether you are a small business owner looking to grow, a well-established company looking to gain more revenue this month or a freelancer looking for independent projects, share your skillset with honesty and reach out to people.

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Codemasters Agency will take care of your Social Media, Marketing, SEO, Google Ads and Website Design

If you are looking to build or redesign your website, get a website audit report (any errors, site health etc.), working towards building your social media presence or boosting your SEO to rank higher and attract leads, Codemasters Agency has a Google-certified and WIX-certified team that can help you take that next big step in business. Afterall, having a certified team behind you can help take a lot of stress off so that you can focus your time and energy elsewhere.


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