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4 Reasons You Should be Using Google Ads to Grow Your Business

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

There is no denying that marketing your business has become more complex, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when it comes to advertising. To advertise for your business, there are a variety of advertising platforms that can be utilized: a platform that can be very beneficial when it comes to growing your business would is Google Ads.

Google Ads operates in cooperation with Google, meaning that you have the opportunity to advertise to billions of people, creating a limitless ceiling for growth. Using Google Ads can vastly increase your online visibility, and due to the ability to specify everything within your campaigns, you can control who sees what and when. The flexibility of Google Ads provides opportunities for your business to find success with the power to control your advertising approach. There is much to be gained from using Google Ads, but a few major benefits* include:

1. Advertise to an Enormous Market

If there is one reason to use Google Ads, it would be because of the reach that Google can provide. There is no argument that Google is the dominant search engine. With over five billion searches every day, the opportunity for a plethora of users to interact with your ad is essentially endless, and this can be very beneficial for growing your business. Google’s expansive audience allows for you to get results from your ads quickly because you are advertising to such a large platform of users. Further, obtaining results from advertisements quickly means that the analytics received from Google Ads is always organic and transparent, allowing for efficient planning and optimization based on real-time data.


2. Increased ROI and High Conversion Rate Through Flexibility and Enhanced Control

One of the ways that Google Ads differentiates itself from other advertising platforms, would be that you only pay for the ads that users click on. Further, Google’s specific keyword and audience targeting allow for your ad to be shown to a relevant audience. After your ad is published, you have the opportunity to optimize your advertisement to increase the quality score, which would also result in an increased return on investment. Continuing to optimize keywords and audience allowed results in a higher performing ad. Google Ads can be very specifically tailored to your budget and your audience, allowing for you to gain leads and customers while maximizing your spending. The ability to craft Google Ads specific to your goals and the success of your business results in improved lead generation, in turn increasing your conversion rate through gaining new customers.

3. Highly Measurable

In comparison to other advertising platforms, Google Ads is very measurable as you can analyze metrics at a granular level. Google uses a quality score that is determined based off of your landing page, ad, and keywords, and how relevant they are to users who viewed your ad. Optimizing your quality score in attempts to continue to maintain a successful ad will improve quality score, improve ad positioning, and decrease overall costs. Further, there is also an opportunity to link your Google Ads account with your Google Analytics account for increased data to analyze. Linking these accounts can allow for more strategic planning as a result of being able to view detailed and organic data.

4. Remarketing Ability

Remarketing with Google Ads can be done on the display network or the search network and can help to generate conversions based on users who visited your website. This means that users who interacted with your advertisement but didn’t follow through with an action from your website, can be added to a remarketing list and be reminded of what you can provide for them. Display network remarketing is done through displaying banners on websites that a user will visit after visiting your website, suggesting to them that they are missing out on what you can offer them. Search network remarketing runs campaigns on Google searches that are being remarketed to who had previously viewed your website or advertisement and did not follow through. Google will match keywords to the users search query and continue to display the ad to the users on the remarketing list.

There is no argument that Google Ads is an incredibly beneficial advertising platform to use. When used correctly, Google Ads can help to grow your business. The ability to market and continuously optimize ads allows for endless room for growth for your company, being able to reach anyone requiring information that you can provide. The attention to be received from Google Ads goes beyond brand awareness, as it can be what sets you apart from competitors. Using Google Ads can contribute to putting your business in a position that you are outperforming your competitors. Capitalizing on maintaining a high-quality score through consistent optimizations can generate an exceptional amount of growth for your business. Getting started with Google Ads is a relatively straight forward process, but strategically creating and maintaining ads based on analytical data is where things can become difficult. The experts at CodeMasters can provide analytical insights based on ads, configuring plans based on performance data to generate maximum results to grow your business. CodeMasters' can craft effective ads designed to grow your business and help you meet your goals!


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