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Wix Studio vs Editor X: Navigating the Transition and Understanding the Differences

Updated: Feb 15

WIX studio created website
Courtesy of: WIX Studio Website

The digital landscape is ever-changing, and Wix has been at the forefront of this evolution with its range of web development solutions. The latest addition to the Wix family is Wix Studio, a brand-new platform that is gradually being rolled out to offer a more streamlined experience for agencies and freelancers. But how does it stack up against the already established Editor X? Let's dive in to explore the nuances and what sets these two platforms apart.

A Fresh Take: Introducing Wix Studio

Wix Studio is not just a rebranded version of Editor X; it's a completely new platform designed to cater to the fast-paced life of agencies. With a focus on efficiency, Wix Studio brings a host of advanced features and capabilities to the table.

Efficiency Meets Customization

Wix Studio is revolutionizing the web development arena by blending AI-driven efficiency with deep customization capabilities. Its AI tools automate the intricate process of ensuring site responsiveness across various devices, liberating designers from the technical burdens associated with adaptive design. This shift allows creative professionals to allocate more time and energy towards innovation and aesthetic refinement, ensuring that their projects are not only technically sound but also creatively distinguished.

For those who delve into the minutiae of web design, Wix Studio's provision for Custom CSS stands as a testament to its commitment to customization. This feature empowers designers to precisely tailor every aspect of a website, from layout to typography, aligning perfectly with specific brand guidelines or creative visions. It's a boon for agencies and freelancers seeking to create unique, brand-centric online experiences, making Wix Studio a versatile platform that marries the art of design with the science of technology.

wix platform for web design

Business Solutions and Mobility

Wix Studio extends its offerings beyond the realm of web design to provide a suite of business solutions for agencies. It facilitates integration with various native apps for business solutions, allowing for a more streamlined approach to project and client management. Additionally, the platform supports the incorporation of custom functionalities through APIs and SPIs, catering to specific needs or preferences an agency might have. This feature set is designed to offer agencies a more integrated and flexible workflow.

Moreover, Wix Studio is accessible via a dedicated mobile app, enabling users to manage their tasks and responsibilities from any location. This mobile accessibility reflects the growing need for mobility in managing business operations, providing users with the ability to stay connected and responsive to their agency's needs even when away from the traditional office environment.

A New Workspace Paradigm

Wix Studio introduces a new approach to workspace organization, aiming to simplify the management of business operations. It is structured to meet the demands of agencies handling multiple clients and projects, providing a way to segregate and access various tasks efficiently.

The platform's design emphasizes a systematic organization, which could potentially improve workflow efficiency and minimize errors. With an intuitive interface, Wix Studio seeks to ease the project management process, potentially allowing teams to allocate more resources to creative endeavors rather than administrative duties.

The Tried and True: Editor X

Editor X is recognized for its advanced design tools aimed at professional users, featuring capabilities like CSS Grid Layout and Flexbox Design. It also offers a Dev Mode for custom coding, enabling the creation of detailed and responsive websites.

Despite its strengths in design and customization, Editor X does not offer the same level of business integration or AI enhancements as Wix Studio. This highlights the differing priorities of the two platforms: Editor X focuses on design and technical detail, whereas Wix Studio emphasizes efficiency in business operations.

The Road Ahead: Transition and Integration

Wix plans to integrate the advanced design features of Editor X into Wix Studio, aiming to combine the best of both platforms. This initiative seeks to maintain Editor X's design strengths while incorporating the business-oriented features of Wix Studio.

Wix intends to facilitate a seamless transition for current Editor X users, ensuring that the integration process will not negatively impact existing websites. This strategy underscores Wix's focus on user satisfaction and service reliability during its platform evolution.

Pricing Considerations

The pricing structure for Wix Studio and Editor X shows a distinction in their target audiences and functionality, with Wix generally being the more cost-effective option and Editor X catering to those requiring more advanced design capabilities, hence a slightly higher price point. Wix offers a free plan with basic features, while Editor X's plans start at a higher threshold to accommodate its advanced design tools and features. Both platforms provide a range of plans to suit different needs, from personal use to more extensive business requirements, each with specific storage, domain, and customer support options. It's important to consider these factors when choosing the platform that best fits your project's needs and budget.

For detailed pricing and features of both Wix Studio and Editor X, you can visit the Wix website and explore the various plans and their benefits​​​​​​​​.

Final Thoughts

Wix Studio is setting a new standard in web development, particularly for agencies and freelancers. Its focus on AI-driven efficiency, high-level customization, and business integration makes it a compelling choice for those looking to streamline their web development process. As Editor X eventually merges into Wix Studio, users can look forward to a platform that combines the best of both worlds. Whether you're a seasoned Editor X user or considering jumping onto the Wix bandwagon, the future looks promising with Wix Studio leading the way.


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