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Finding Success with Google Ads

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Many advertising platforms have similarities, and it can be difficult to differentiate between them when deciding which one to use. When advertising for your business, one of the most important items to remember would be to ensure that you are advertising to the correct audience with the right type of ad. The more refined your ad and ad group, the more successful the campaign is going to be.

An impactful advertising platform would be Google Ads. Google Ads is the largest PPC advertising platform in the world and operating on the most expansive search engine, meaning that your ads are being displayed to a massive pool of people. Advertising on a search engine with a high number of people offers a great deal of opportunity. Google Ads run paid searches and use pay-per-click advertising (PPC), displaying ads based on the auction-bidding process. This means that continuous optimization of ads is necessary to allow for optimal performance results. The ability to control your ad based off of how it is performing can offer many benefits, including boosting traffic and brand awareness, and driving sales.

In order to create an effective ad and find success with Google Ads, there are several tasks that can be done to set yourself up for achievement:

Differentiate between ad types

When creating an ad, there is the option to choose between search campaigns and display campaigns. Search campaigns are the ads that appear in the search results of search queries. The ads in search campaigns leave an impression and are displayed based off the keywords included in the search query. There are many types of search ads which should be used correctly for progressive results. Search campaign ad types include remarketing, social media ads, SERPs, and traditional search engine ads with text. Search campaigns are effective as users want to be able to find the answer or solution that they are looking for following a search query; it doesn’t get easier than having an answer posted right in front of you. Display ads are the visual ads that are displayed on various websites that users visit. These ads appear on the top, bottom, or the side of web pages. Display ads are attention grabbing and can be very effective in generating traffic due to commonalities between the user’s interests, the website that they are visiting, and what you have to offer.

Know your audience

It is important to highlight your target audience for your ad to ensure maximum ad performance. When specifying who you want to see your ad, you have the option to target people based off of demographic information and interests. It is beneficial to be able to differentiate your audience based on interests as it will be helpful in displaying your ad to those to whom the ad is relevant. Google offers many different types of audiences, including custom audiences, affinity audiences, remarketing, customer match, and similar audiences. It would be in your best interest to narrow down your target audience for successful ad results.


Google’s paid search advertising heavily focuses on text ads and keywords, and how they are utilized in the ad itself. This is simply because your ad will appear based off of relevancy to your offerings. The headlines and descriptions of your ads are given a score that is based off of the keywords that were used, and how creative you were. It is crucial to creatively implement as many keywords as manageable to ensure that your ad will be as impressionable as possible. There are different types of keywords on Google Ads, and it is important to make sure that they are all used correctly to capitalize on the success that they can bring your ad. The keyword types include exact match, broad match, modified broad match, phrase match, and negative match. The more specific the match type is, the more the relevance will increase with the reach decreasing, whereas the less specific the match type is, the more the relevance will increase due to advertising to a less specific network. Correctly implementing relevant keywords can contribute to determining the overall success of the ad.

Due to Google Ads being the largest advertising platform, there is no doubt that it can bring you success. Prior to advertising on Google Ads, it is important to acquire an understanding of your target audience, the most effective ad type for you, and it is especially important to capitalize on implementing highly relevant and popular keywords to further the potential of successful conversions from the ads. With Google Ads, you are in control of determining who sees your ad, thus you have the ability to advertise as specifically as possible. The more relevant and specific your advertising approach is, the more likely it is that your business will reap favourable results from optimal ad performance while keeping the above points in mind. Advertising on an advertising platform like Google Ads is not always successful and can take some trial and error. For profitable advertising efforts to generate traffic, contact CodeMasters and discover what optimal advertising can do for you today.


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